groundnut yield per hectare in nigeria

“Maybe they’re [the farmers] making 7 t per hectare now; we think they can get to 30 t per ha if they follow our system,” says Metha. Gerhard Dreyer, owner of The New Nut Company in North West, says there is always demand for groundnuts in the local and international markets, and farmers in the right climatic conditions could reap rich rewards from investing in this crop. is an age long crop grown in most parts of Kano State, Nigeria. The seed produced will be distributed and used to support more farmers getting into certified seed production in the 2021 rainy season. CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): The study was carried out to analyse the profitability of groundnut production in Northern Part of Taraba State. In Nigeria, it is the Northern part of the country that produces the crop in large quantity. plant, pod yield per plant, seed yield per plant, seed length and seed yield per hectare in 2004 relative 2005. Groundnuts are cultivated in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world on sandy soils. Yields of groundnut vary from about 400 kg to several tonnes per hectare, depending on the production system, but on the average, the global yield is 2500–2700 kg per hectare. The extent to which gender resource accessibility affects ... land to groundnut production than women. PWC in a recent report on how to boost rice production in Nigeria through mechanisation shared these about rice production and consumption in Nigeria.

Groundnut requires little input, making it appropriate for cultivation in low input agriculture by smallholding farmers. Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea [L.] Verdc.) According to the state's Agriculture Ministry, Maharashtra is the 6th largest groundnut-producing state in the country. In spite of the abundant land and other resources in Nigeria, yield per hectare of groundnut has been on the decline over the years. The performance of Agricultural sector has remained below expectations; there is a wide gap between demand and supply of food in the country. Farmers who have adopted these improved varieties have produced 2.15 t of grains and 2.02 t of quality haulms per hectare. Nigeria occupies a landmass of 923,768 km 2 and lies along latitudes 4 o 1' and 13 o 9' N and longitudes 2 o 2' and 14 o 30' E. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and by the Sahelian countries of Niger and Chad to the North. This will help to meet the growing demand for improved groundnut varieties. Explore Preview Download crop; crop farming; crop produce; crop yield; crops; groundnut; groundnuts; nigeria; Additional Info.

Begemann, however, estimated Bambara groundnut production in Africa alone at 330 000 Mt with production figures from 11 countries.

The yield per hectare in Sindh during the years 1989-70 and 1990-91 was quite higher.

countries being the largest producers of groundnut, the average yield per hectare (China, 2490 kg ha1 and Nigeria 840 kg ha1) is low when compared to the United State of America (3673 kg ha1) [1]. The objectives of the study were to: describe the socio-economic characteristics of groundnut farmers, estimate the cost and returns associated with groundnut production and identify the … and low yield per hectare”. Article: Analysis of Profitability of Groundnut Production in Northern Part of Taraba State, Nigeria.

Consider 14 quintals as an average yield per one acre. The study found that the mean gross margin per hectare of groundnut was 1,897.86 per month while the profitability test shows that N it is profitable (t= 6.87; P ≤ 0.01). hectares are put under groundnut production in Nigeria every year with an average yield of 2 metric tones per hectare, and a total production of 10 million metric tones (F AO, 1992).A large percentage of this is produced in the North East part of the country (Ajeigbe et al., 2020). In 2019, China's peanut yield amounted to about 3,781 kilograms per hectare. This should be mixed into the soil for good plant … Climate change is a major threat to groundnut yield and quality in the SAT regions. The 4,250 kg per hectare yield that GJG 32 can provide is nearly twice what farmers were getting from the older varieties commonly used in the area.

Pod yield parameters per hectare. The .

The supply-demand gap for food production in Nigeria has heightened as a result of poor resource utilization by the farmers in the country. Maximizes yield. Despite the developing countries been the largest producers of groundnut, the average yield per hectare (China, 2490 kgha-1 and Nigeria 840 kgha ) is low when compared to America (3673 kgha- 1) . Nigeria produces about 1.55 million metric tons of this groundnut production rate annually. eforts are starting to show results, as Nigeria’s rice production rose from 3.7 million metric tonnes in 2017 to 4.0 million metric tonnes in 2018. However, the key variables that influence profitability are hired labour, cost of seed, agrochemical and cost of fertilizer.

They have already harvested groundnut on 3,186 hectares of land producing 5,929 tons of the crop at the average yield rate of 1.86 tons per hectare of land by Saturday. Gross margin per hectare of men was N62, 693 while that of women was N37, ... groundnut producing area in Nigeria where women as well as men grow the crop. Published by C. Textor , Jan 19, 2021. about 60 kg nitrogen per hectare. The global groundnut production rate sits at around 45 million tonnes a year. Nigeria accounted for 6.9% of global groundnut production in 2016 with a market value of $3.71 billion;

Area, Production and Productivity of Groundnut in India In India, 6,853 thousand hectares of area is under cultivation and produces 7867 thousand tonnes of the groundnut during 2005-2006 as shown in table3.2.

Groundnut requires little input, making it appropriate for cultivation in low input agriculture by smallholding farmers. By Gerhard Uys. Field Value; Author ... Nigeria National Bureau of Statistics Despite the developing countries been the largest producers of groundnut, the average yield per hectare (China, 2490 kgha-1 and Nigeria 840 kgha ) is low when compared to America (3673 kgha- 1) . This year, production is expected to be around 3 million metric tons, making it the third-largest producer in the world after India and China. Nigeria produces about 1.55 million metric tons of this groundnut production rate annually. KEY WORDS: Groundnut production, women farmers Mayo-belwa and Nigeria INTRODUCTION Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L) is the 6th most important oilseed crop in the world and is also an important food and cash crop across sub Saharan Africa (Tarawali and Quee, 2014). Mechanisation means using modern tools in land preparation, planting, weed management, harvesting and processing.

1 hectare will contain 2.47 times the maize in one acre if planted uniformly. However, China, India, Nigeria, USA and the Myanmar are the leading groundnut producing countries in the world. He said: “International Crop Research Institute For The Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) has introduced three improved varieties of groundnut to farmers in Jigawa State – Sumnut 24, 25 and 26 – with a view to improve yield per hectare and reduced the high level aflatoxins contamination commonly found in the local variety of the crop. Spacing In Malawi, extension agents recommend that growers apply 100-150 kilograms of D-compound fertilizer per hectare when preparing land for groundnut production. By Gerhard Uys. The roles of agriculture remain significant in the Nigerian economy despite the strategic importance of the oil sector (FAO, 2005). Rice is one of the most consumed staples in Nigeria, with a consumption per capita of 32kg. Groundnuts are grown in most of SSA by smallholder farmers as a subsistence crop under rain-fed conditions.

... and educated (75%). Groundnut (in-shell) area, yield and production in various developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America during the last decade. Nigeria produces over 1.55 million metric tonnes of groundnut annually and is presently the largest producers of groundnut in Africa and the fourth largest in the world. Groundnut production in African countries fluctuated greatly, though it never exceeded … ... From the costs and return analysis, it is found that the total cost of production by farm size per hectare in the area is N133, 812.68; the gross margin per hectare is N221348.68 while the average net return per hectare is N40, 097.63.

The total revenue (TR), gross margin (GM) and, net farm income (NFI) per hectare obtained were ₦194880, ₦139380 and ₦123730 respectively. In 1999, Nigeria produced 33 million tonnes, while a decade later, it produced approximately 45 million tonnes, which is almost 19% of production in the world. On the average, Chile / USA produce at about 11 tons/ha, with Nigeria at 2tons/ha. Nigeria is Africa’s largest groundnut producer, accounting for 30% of the continent’s total nut production. The major world producers of groundnut are India, China, USA, Brazil, Senegal and Nigeria. Groundnut production in the study area is profitable. Yields per hectare are generally low In Nigeria, nuts are used to make cooking oil and as a source of protein for both humans and animals. In developing countries where 80% of the crop is produced, the average yield is about 1 ton per hectare. 84,994. And, as a result of adapting production to mitigate these challenges, the company is able to produce 40-50 t per ha of tomatoes; 10 times the national average. The yield of kernels generally ranges from 0.5 to 4.0 tons per hectare. It has been revealed that, there is a shortfall of over 90 percent of groundnut requirement by companies involved in processing [6]. It is for this reason that groundnut farming in Nigeria, Africa, and many parts of the world is growing quickly because the global consumption rate of the crop is rising. Among the factors contributing to low yield, drought adversely affects 2the crop’s performance . Groundnuts in Nigeria are mainly produced in the northern states: Adamawa, Niger, Taraba, Kaduna, Benue and Kano.

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groundnut yield per hectare in nigeria